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At Connolly Physical Therapy, after you learn how to control, train and use your muscles in controlled situations such as on a therapy table (plinth) or in static situations, we start to introduce your newly controlled and trained system to more and more dynamic activities. These activities may include getting from one side to the other in bed or getting from laying to sitting or sitting to standing or standing and walking or walking to running.

Dynamic activity training is the final step to getting you back to the “you” that you are used to! From scrubbing a floor to lifting and carrying laundry or groceries to vacuuming to more challenging activities such as volleyball, baseball, football, yoga or an aerobics class, the therapists at Connolly Physical Therapy are experts in getting you back to normal function and beyond.   We will focus on injury prevention so that you may participate in your desired activity with confidence. We take pride in helping you get your “you” back. Remember Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!