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If your body doesn’t know HOW to move, it will develop a way to move that is not normal and causes pain.  Teaching Motor Control trains the joints to move in the most efficient way possible and pain decreases…THEN we strengthen! At Connolly Physical Therapy we believe that practicing things correctly and receiving the correct amount and type of feedback is tantamount to your ability to minimize stress on painful target tissues and allow your injured body to heal. At Connolly Physical Therapy, we treat the whole you. The body is a collection of interdependent tissues that must work in concert with each other in order to produce efficient movement. Each area of the body depends on another to work efficiently. Try walking or running without moving your arms. The tissues of your body are designed to perform motor tasks in a specific way and these tissues have a finite lifespan much like tires on a car. The body tissues wear out more quickly over time when we force them to perform tasks for which they are not designed, such as using our backs for lifting.

For example, using road tires for off-road driving will quickly lead to worn out road tires. When we are injured, we learn and practice faulty movement patterns (habits) to avoid the pain we caused by moving inefficiently. You will learn the motor skills and control necessary to move your body in the most efficient way possible to minimize stress on the injured tissue. For instance, a golfer with tight hips or shoulders will have back problems. Because of inefficient movements caused by insufficient hip or shoulder flexibility, the golfer will use the back to make up for the loss of hip or shoulder motion. Over time, this will break down the tissues of the back and cause pain and dysfunction.

Furthermore, we treat the whole body, not just body parts. We may start with the injured shoulder or hip, but we treat the movement system by teaching motor control and motor skills so that you perform movements most efficiently. If the physical therapist only treats the sore back, the golfer will have to return for more therapy because the cause of the problem was not addressed. Motor skills are patterns we learn in order to move in a specific way. Motor control has to do with the awareness of and the quality by which those movements are performed. Motor skills and motor control always exist together. Skills are learned with practice-feedback-knowledge of feedback-practice model of performance. Efficient movement increases and improves the human experience; without proper motor learning, control, and practice, we would never develop into dynamic human beings capable of making and doing the most amazing things on our planet. The term practice makes perfect is absolutely FALSE!! You have to practice the task properly or injuries are more likely to happen. At Connolly Physical Therapy, you will have a reference for the most efficient performance. You will learn how to be aware of how you move, how to recognize and correct errors and how to practice correctly. You deserve to move through life without the presence of pain.