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We help people get their physical health back.
Here are few grateful clients.

I want to highly recommend Andrew Connolly for his excellent service to me! He is a very caring and helpful therapist! In just 5 sessions my foot problems have been taken care of. I can do my daily walks without any pain. What a blessing! He has also given me a person’s name as a follow up to get very reasonable orthodontics and will not change my shoe size. He has a super assistant too!

Jan S.

It is a pleasure to comment about my visits to Connolly Physical Therapy with Andrew Connolly. I had two major surgeries which both required numerous visits to the therapy office. I feel two stories off a ladder and received a compound fracture of my tibia and fibula with plate and screw placements to repair the damage. There were serious concerns about my ability to walk normal again.  The second surgery involved the total replacement of my right knee. Both procedures required extensive physical therapy, and both cases were handled by Andrew Connolly.

My abilities to regain total use of my legs and live a normal life were a direct result of Andrew’s knowledge and the professional compassionate care provided by him.

Gordon A. Hess

I had surgery on my shoulder and was going  to therapy for about 6 months. Not getting the full range of motion I needed to return to work. I came to Andrew and after 6 weeks of therapy I got full range of motion and strength.

Dough V.

I am a high school sprinter who had quad problem for nearly a year. I came to see Andrew and he dry needled and class IV laser treated my leg. Now I am sprinting pain free!

Brendan F.

Andrew is very knowledgable and helped release my frozen shoulder with both manual therapy and dry needling. I would recommend all my friends and family to see him. My shoulder hasn’t felt this good in a long time.

Stephanie W.

I have had the unique perspective of knowing Andrew for over 12 years now as both a fellow physical therapist, and as a patient of his for several different injuries I have suffered. I consider Andrew to be one of the best physical therapists in our field. In addition to being an excellent orthopedic manual therapist, and having expanded his skills to include dry needling, his passion and desire for truly wanting to help his patients is unmatched, and his treatment approaches produce excellent results. I have referred several friends and family members to Andrew, and he continues to be one of the few therapists I trust my own personal care to.


Steve B.

I had hurt my neck to where the 2nd and 3rd disks were pushing on my spinal cord. My doctor referred me to Andrew to see what he could do without having to have surgery. The treatments he did ranged from warm, moist heat to manipulating my neck, teaching me about posture, and I have a full range of neck exercises (snow angels, stretches, Adam’s apple nods, and self-massage with a shepherd’s hook). I can still predict a weather forecast better than the news, but, thanks to Andrew, I can get down on the floor and play with my daughter.


Mike M

I have seen Andrew for my neck and my hip. He is very professional, and a very funny guy. He taught me a lot about posture and about how to reverse the stressful positions I am in everyday as a hairstylist and nail technician. He also helped me get rid of my pain and keep it away with simple exercises I can do throughout my work day. Andrew is the greatest.


Suzi F

Andrew has treated my entire family for the last 9 years. I have seen Andrew for many different injuries to my back, shoulders and elbows. First and foremost, Andrew is a great educator and he makes sure my family and I understand why we are doing what we are doing. I learn something every time I go in and me, my wife, and my 2 boys always have great results. We will never go anywhere else.


Randy F

Physical therapy is not what I thought it to be like working on pain areas through exercises with balls, platforms, etc.. Instead, it was much different than I ever imagined. I was introduced to dry needling. After reading about dry needling, I decided to have Andrew perform it on my left calf and was surprised at how well the needling removed the pain from the ankle area where the pain resided. In four sessions, I was walking with 80% less pain. I never thought it possible to get leg muscles to fire off (through dry needling) that would would correct the problem in my ankle. I am a firm believer in dry needling and in Andrew. I will refer everyone I can for his services.


Paul H

I hurt my elbow during a conference wrestling match.   I couldn’t wrestle for a week.   I was told to rest it, ice it and wear an Ace wrap. The trainer taped it. I tried to practice, but it hurt too bad. None of the treatments worked. It looked like my season was over. I visited Andrew at Connolly Physical Therapy and he evaluated my elbow. We decided that Trigger Point Dry Needling would be a good treatment option.   Andrew treated my arm with the needling and I was able to wrestle that night. No only did I wrestle, but I pinned my opponent that night. Now, my coach and some of the other wrestlers and their parents want to know about what Andrew is doing and my mom and I are letting them know! Thanks, Andrew!


Luke I