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The cornerstone philosophy of Connolly Physical Therapy is that the body has to be trained to move correctly. If a body does not move correctly, repetitive microtraumas which are small injuries that accumulate over time cause macrotraumas which are larger injuries that cause pain and dysfunction. We help patients by creating a healing environment for the body such that the desired movements are being performed correctly, then we strengthen and progress toward more activity-specific training.  At Connolly Physical Therapy, you will be working with a licensed, qualified, expert physical therapist on each and every visit.

What patients say

  • I hurt my elbow during a conference wrestling match.   I couldn’t wrestle for a week.   I was told to rest it, ice it and wear an Ace wrap. The trainer taped it. I tried to practice, but it hurt too bad. None of the treatments worked. It looked like my season was over. I visited Andrew at Connolly Physical Therapy and he evaluated my elbow. We decided that Trigger Point Dry Needling would be a good treatment option.   Andrew treated my arm with the needling and I was able to wrestle that night. No only did I wrestle, but I pinned my opponent that night. Now, my coach and some of the other wrestlers and their parents want to know about what Andrew is doing and my mom and I are letting them know! Thanks, Andrew!

    Luke I

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